Strong Appetite Suppressants To Combat Excess Weight And Obesity

An appetite suppressant has become a popular supplement particularly among obese and overweight people. Unregulated lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and lack of physical exercise add to harm your normal bodily functions. Excess body weight and obesity are widespread which result in heart ailments, hypertension, joint pains, and high blood sugar. One of the many ways to restrict body weight is to reduce food intake which is most effectively done by consuming appetite suppressants.

As the name suggests an appetite suppressant reduces craving for food and consequently induces less of food intake. You must note that these suppressants should only be taken under medical supervision. Unregulated use of strong appetite suppressants without doctor’s advice is harmful and could lead to ailments like dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, constipation, and stomach upset. Before taking up a course in these appetite reducing drugs, a consultation with a dietician or doctor is mandatory. These drugs are only prescribed after a thorough medical history is taken. It is not always that your body mass increases with consumption of more food. Hormonal imbalance, genetic structure, and environmental conditions could lead to weight increases. Therefore, before going on a diet or making appetite suppressants a part of regular diet a careful inspection of your medical history is essential.

Keeping all precautions apart there are certain easily available appetite suppressants which have less ill after effects on your physiological and bodily functions as compared to others. These food items are easily available and could be made part of your regular diet.

1) Almonds – Almond is a rich source of healthy fat and makes an exceptional in between meals snacks. Always be careful about the quantity of nuts you eat as it takes at least thirty minutes for its effect to be actually felt.

2) Salmon – Salmon is also an abundant source of healthy fatty acids. Salmon being a combination of protein and fat is a wholesome food and stays for long.

3) Oatmeal –Unsweetened oatmeal at breakfast is a marvellous way to remain filled for a long time. This meal rich in dietary fibre is low in sugar content could be made tasty by adding sugar-less maple syrup or unsweetened apple sauce and cinnamon.

4) Wasabi – Spicy foods are known to be appetite suppressants. Complementing your fish recipes with wasabi would not let you go hungry early. Wasabi is also known to protect against cancer.

5) Vegetable and Chicken Soup – Vegetable and chicken soup is filling and provides all necessary ingredients for a healthy diet. Hot soup in general has a tendency of bringing down your appetite and also adds negligible calories. Chicken containing protein would help in curbing your hunger longer, while vegetables provide necessary vitamins and minerals.

6) Hoodia – This plant originating in Africa helps in curbing hunger. Hunters were known to use this as food when going on long hunting expeditions.

7) Water – Remaining hydrated is a good way to keep hunger away.

8 ) Caffeine – Caffeine is a strong appetite suppressant and also helps to keep your nerves stimulated.

9) Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds containing essential fatty acids is an appetite suppressant. When had with cottage cheese or yogurt, flaxseed works as a slow digestive.

10) Apple – Apple has the necessary fibres to fill your stomach and sugar that does not affect your blood sugar level.

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